Therapeutic indications and contraindications



Saline aerosols are inhaled into the mine which treat various diseases in particular breathing problems. Aerosols are micro-particles suspended in a gaseous environment. Salt aerosols are inhaled naturally by treating both ways: nasal and the mouth. Saline aerosol size between 0,5-0,9 microns, is deposited on inland upper respiratory tract: oral cavity, nasal cavities, pharynx. Aerosol size small, those with sizes between 0,1-0,5 come in lower respiratory organs: larynx, bronchi, bronhiole, pulmonary alveoli. The absorption by these organs, saline aerosol undertakes removal, streamlining the mucosa, eliminate toxins, restoring elasticity membranes cells, reducing pH of the areas organs of respiration, reduction and micro-group irritant bodies. Inhalation aerosol, airways are cleaned by outbreaks of infection, present both in adults and especially children, what triggers and maintains numerous outbreaks respiratory diseases (in most cases recurrent become chronic) and in whose this, the body immunity, decreases gradually. Salt, by its nature is a bactericidal substance, which does not allow further development microbial, behaving as a disinfectant. By submitting and absorption of salt ions in both upper respiratory tract and the lower, combined with strong hygroscopic property, take depositions birth dilution effect of impurities human body or foreign matter (including microorganisms) that cause diseases and disorders respiratory, from simple raguseli, bronchitis and even asthma. Inhalation of aerosol saline is more than required by their absorption, acting primarily directly on mucus. They lead to liquefaction and fluidization of mucus the airways, thus making removal of foreign material and of Cili micro-cavity respiratory tract, causing such ease progression and long during the breathing. People of salt through the skin comes in contact with the atmosphere loaded with saline aerosols. They are absorbed in the skin exposed, in proportions corresponding absortiei oxygen, humidity and of course by hand / precipitation due to moisture and skin surface temperature difference from the atmosphere. Diseases that can be treated in salt are: - Bronchial asthma (infectious, allergic, extrinsic, intrinsic, mixed) - Respiratory infections (angina, pharyngitis, tracheo-bronchitis, pneumonia, rinoadeuridite) - Bronchitis asthmatiform - Bronsiectazie (without haemoptysis) - Pneumoconiosis - Chronic tracheo - Chronic Rhinitis - Maxillary sinusitis / chronic - Bisinoza - Silicosis gr I and gr II - Throat polyps - Chronic tonsillitis - Restrictive respiratory failure - Pulmonary emphysema - Various types of allergies - Neurosis - Chronic fatigue - Allergies


None indications

- Pulmonary tuberculosis - Pulmonary Mycosis - Lung cancer - Infectious and contagious diseases - Arterial hypertension stage II - Basedow disease - Chronic ischemic heart decompensated - Myocardial infarction - Angina pectoris with frequent seizures - Cord decompensated chronic lung - Epilepsy (+ other neurological disease that evolves to loss of consciousness) - Claustrophobic - Advanced Pregnancy - Status asmaticus Indications for efficient use of salt: - Healthy or apparently healthy people exposed to the body to the atmosphere salt approx. 30 min / day to obtain the results of prevention and mineralization body for 12 to 18 days a cure, which may be repeated cyclically at ca. few months or whenever necessary - For treatment of cold light (additional treatment), between 30 and 60 min / day least 12 days - For asthma, depending on the degree of manifestation of the disease, 1 hour / day for 24 to 30 days / cure, cure that can be repeated cyclically, with a rest period of approx. 3-6 months, or times whenever needed - For various respiratory diseases, depending on their degree of expression between 30 to 60 min / day for 14 to 24 days / cure - In the treatment of prevention, especially in periods of change of seasons, when bodies are prone to illness, between 30 - 60 min / day for min. 12 days. - Remineralizare in the treatment of the body, in the treatment of maintenance in the treatment of relaxation, in the treatment of recovery, in the treatment of prevention, etc.. between 30 - 60 min / day - Whenever it wants min. 30 min. / day